© AFTERPRAY, Photography by Anna Kristenson© Pilatus Mountain, Switzerland 2019

AFTER PRAY talks about the New Vision VII :

World-wide uncertainty requires possibility. AFTER PRAY has begun a discussion about the possibility obscured by uncertainty. We reminisced about the days of our youth, of the endeavor to develop our budding self-esteem and the memories of feeling imperfect.'My Chemical Boyhood' represents a chemical reaction.

Not only does it represent the biochemical changes stemming from hormonal release through adolescence, but also the moments we experience a myriad of new emotions. This signifies the inner enlightenment of our youth. That is, AFTER  PRAY strives to promote the freedom that opportunity can bring by using the arts, literature, music, films, cultures, and worldview. We pray that VISION VII will bring you to a place where you can uncover the possibilities hidden in your life beyond fashion. Always, through love.

We made Vans custom designs by using counter culture images which remind of our youth. You can also create customized Vans with your own memories of youth through the link below.

shop.vans.co.kr/CATEGORY/CUSTOM   →  →  →  →  →

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