World-wide uncertainty requires possibility. AFTER PRAY has begun a discussion about the possibility obscured by uncertainty. We reminisced about the days of our youth, of the endeavor to develop our budding self-esteem and the memories of feeling imperfect. 'My Chemical Boyhood' represents a chemical reaction. Not only does it represent the biochemical changes stemming from hormonal release through adolescence, but also the moments we experience a myriad of new emotions. This signifies the inner enlightenment of our youth. That is, AFTER PRAY strives to promote the freedom that opportunity can bring by using the arts, literature, music, films, cultures, and worldview.

The VISION VII Collection began with the application of tailoring with ample volume along with outdoor references. VISION VII also renovated AFTER PRAY’s city-boy look from the understanding and exploration of modern casual wear. A Tailored Jacket or a Military Shell Parka sewn from functional materials; a Fishtail Parka with contrasting color scheme inside and out. Such items evoke a sense of familiarity and strength in our daily lives. The denim made of durable cotton with symbol embroidery and silver tone hardware expresses a robust and modern luxury.

Anna Kristensson, a young Swedish visual designer, tells us about the possibilities of youth. In designing the collaborative clothing line with AFTER PRAY VISION VII, Kristensson used the inspiration from personally designed fonts, visual arts, and photos that contained stories and exotic vibes that she kept while traveling. The Vans Custom Design, Graphic Pique Shirt, and Printed Sleeveless Hoodies contain their own understated countercultural youthful vibes as they were made officially using archive photography from the Los Angeles alternative band 19&YOU. We pray that VISION VII will bring you to a place where you can uncover the possibilities hidden in your life beyond fashion. Always, through love.

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